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Video: Fight breaks out behind Live ITV News report during Normandy coverage

Juliet Bremner, a reporter for ITV News, contended with background distraction during a live broadcast yesterday afternoon as civilians broke into an argument behind her.
Reporting from the site of the Normandy church where a French priest was murdered on Tuesday, Bremner was speaking live to the ITV news studio and Alastair Stewart.

The report focused on the emotional civilians of the area, who were visiting the site to pay their respects.

As well as mourners, who were leaving candles, tributes and flowers at the church, anti-government protesters were using the site to display banners in objection to France’s President Francois Hollande.

As Bremner reported the news, there was a fraught confrontation between a group holding a banner and people who had come to pay their respects to Father Jacques Hamel, who was killed.
As Bremner attempted to deliver her coverage, men began scuffling in the backdrop, with some attempting to get rid of the banner, and anti-government activists protesting wildly.

At one point, two men walked backwards into shot and bumped into Bremner, who simply continued with her report and ushered them calmly out of the way.

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