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The world’s largest aircraft made history by taking to the sky for the first time ever

The Airlander 10, nicknamed ‘the flying bum’ due to its unique rear end, took off at 7.40pm from Cardington Airfield, Beds., as aviation experts looked on in awe. The helium-filled aircraft, which is part plane, part airship, was expected to be launched for its first test flight on Sunday but failed to do so because of safety concerns. After setting off on its maiden voyage, It was airborne for around 20 minutes before it was forced to return to base before nightfall.

After it had successfully landed, manufacturers Hybrid Air Vehicles tweeted: “Landed. Just a quick flight tonight to prove the concept and needed to land before dark. #Airlander.” Bystanders who witnessed the momentous event described seeing the Airlander 10 taking off.


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